The principal objects of the incorporated association Screen Illawarra are:

  1. To be a hub for all screen content creators in the Illawarra region and beyond to;
    • Network and provide professional partnership opportunities.
    • For Professional Development and learning opportunities including but not limited to lectures, workshops, courses, festivals.
    • Advocacy for the screen industry in the Illawarra.
  2.  To contribute to Wollongong as a city of innovation.
  3. To attract domestic and international screen content producers to the Illawarra Region and promote the Illawarra globally.
  4. To provide training, mentorship and employment opportunities in screen content production in the Illawarra region including but not limited to people with a disability, refugees, Indigenous, young people, seniors and people from Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  5. To increase entrepreneurship in screen content production in the Illawarra.
  6. To grow cooperation between the arts and business sectors in the community.
  7. To act as a point of contact for outside organizations interested in filming or conducting screen related activities & events in the Illawarra region and beyond.
  8. To continue to foster and maintain Content Creators Illawarra as an ongoing internal group focusing on local meetings & networking for as long as interest prevails.
  9. To be a sustainable organisation and pursue related income streams.