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Actor, Producer, Director

Nick has been acting, producing, writing, directing for over 20 years in film, theatre, tv, documentary and online.

Founder of production company TEN ALPHAS
Teacher at AFTRS in Applied Storytelling, Writing Scripts and Briefs for Video, Social Media Success. and the Industry Certificate in Content Creation.

Nick Bolton has been working in film, documentary, online video, and theatre as a director, producer and actor for more than 20years.


He co-founded content production company TEN ALPHAS which provides content across many formats, such as TVC’s, branded content, social, documentary, case studies, explainers and much more.

TEN ALPHAS are very proud to have created the content for the Invest Wollongong campaign for Wollongong City Council

TEN ALPHAS create original content including the award winning short The Road to Vagator (winner of Coal Coast Film Festival, and Short&Sweet Illawarra Festival) and the rock documentary Off the Leash in Chiang Mai

At TEN ALPHAS, Nick manages the business, looks after the sales and marketing, runs the strategy consultations, and writes, produces and directs the content.

As a creative, he has developed much of his own original work, and as an actor has appeared in  many film, theatre and tv productions, including the feature films Back of the Net and Rough Stuff

Nick has an entrepreneurial nature with proven business management experience having built several production companies in his career, providing consulting and production services to corporate and government organisations like Google, Salesforce, Mission Australia, Telstra and hundreds more.

Nick acquired his Masters in Screen Art and Business from AFTRS in 2014 and is now very proud to teach at AFTRS.

General Information

Back of the Net.
Director - Louise Alston. Role - Science Teacher. Production Company - Steve Jaggi.
Rough Stuff. Director - Jonathan Adams. Role - Businessman. Production Company - Steve Jaggi

Deadly Women. Director - Simon Llang. Role - Policeman. Production Company - Beyond
Inside Story. Director - Channel Nine. Role - Murderer. Production Company - Ch9
Killing Fields. Director - Samantha Lang. Role - Director ReEnactment. Production Company - Ch7
Food Matters. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Smoker. Production Company - Distracted

Volkswagen. Director - Michael Ritchie. Role - Harp player. Production Company - Revolver
Best and Less. Director - Paul Middleditch. Role - Dad. Production Company - Plaza Films
Liptons. Director - Adrian Hayward. Role - Boss. Production Company - Pedestrian TV
Old Spice. Director - Steve Rodgers. Role - Anaethetist. Production Company - Revolver
Vodafone. Director - Host. Role - Businessman. Production Company - Host
Harvey Norman. Director - Harvey Norman. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Harvey Norman
Arnotts. Director - DDB. Role - Boyfriend. Production Company - DDB

The Road to Vagator. Director - Jess Milne. Role - Hero. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Life. Director - Jonathan Adams. Role - Hero. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Mercy Campaign. Director - Sam Atwell. Role - Man. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Sidekick. Director - Jim Shomos. Role - Sidekick. Production Company - Streamhouse
Love your Thumbs. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Man. Production Company - All Orange
The Bolt. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - The Bolt. Production Company - All Orange
Bird Flu. Director - Mabelle Reyes. Role - Teacher. Production Company - MR
Turnaround. Director - Mabelle Reyes. Role - Charlie. Production Company - MR

THEATRE (4week runs only, omitted 10 minute plays)
1984. Director - Adam O’Brien. Role - Winston. Production Company - Roo Theatre
Our Country’s Good. Director - Luke Berman. Role - Harry Brewer . Production Company - Roo Theatre

The Tempest . Director - Trish Rowling. Role - Caliban / Antonio. Production Company - BardOnBeach
Midsummers Night Dream. Director - Trish Rowling. Role - Egeus/Moth/Starveling. Production Company - BardOnBeach
Harvest. Director - Louise Fischer. Role - Albert. Production Company - New Theatre
Little Voice. Director - Christine Firkin. Role - Ray Say. Production Company - Lane Cove
Calendar Girls. Director - Belinda Clark. Role - John Clarke. Production Company - Epicentre
Shots. Director - Sam Atwell. Role - Man . Production Company - Factory
Proof. Director - Alex Byron. Role - Hal. Production Company - Epicentre
Lady Windermere’s Fan. Director - Christine Firkin. Role - Lord Windermere. Production Company - Lane Cove
Blood Brothers. Director - George Torbay. Role - Policeman/Father. Production Company - Epicentre
Loves Labours Lost. Director - Michael Block. Role - Don Adriano. Production Company - Darlinghurst
Love Puke. Director - Malcolm Frawley. Role - Kevin. Production Company - Darlinghurst

Safemate. Director - Jess Milne. Role - Paramedic. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Health Ready App. Director - Jess Milne. Role - Hero. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Headspace. Director - Jonathan Adams. Role - Lead. Production Company - TEN ALPHAS
Datarati . Director - Andrew Everingham. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Capital-E
AGL . Director - This Space. Role - Presenter. Production Company - This Space
Multiple role play. Director - Lisa Peers. Role - Corporate role play. Production Company - Peers&Players
Altium. Director - Dan Young. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Dingo Media
Altium. Director - Dan Young. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Dingo Media
Design Ex. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Viocorp
Design Ex. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Viocorp
Ad-Tech. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Viocorp
Ad-Tech. Director - Carlo Ledesma. Role - Presenter. Production Company - Viocorp

Best International Male Actor for 'The Road to Vagator', Short&Sweet Hollywood, November 2019
Best Actor for 'Life', Lucky Film Festival, Sydney, October 2013.
Best Actor for 'Life', Port Stephens Film Festival, September 2014
Nomination, Best Actor for 'Life', Sandfly Film Festival
Nomination, Best Actor for 'Life', Campfire Film Festival
Best Actor for 'Love your Thumbs' at In the Bin Festival


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