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I'm Ella. I'm a producer, cinematographer, and director.

You may know me from my work as cinematographer on Rufus du Sol or Vera Blue Clips or a passionate advocator for how self-awareness ripples out and affects our world through my production company 'the Atlas of Consciousness.'

I'm a passionate artist who values emotionally striking imagery and producer who cares about bringing stories to our world that our world has not seen before, with great depth.

You can check out my production company at:

And my cinematography work at:

General Information

I have been a professional film-maker, producer, and cinematographer for 10 years with a passion for bringing to life unique and extraordinary projects.

Three years ago I moved through the mental illness Psychosis which opened me up to meditation, a deeper spirituality and creativity.

I was inspired to create the production and multi-media company the Atlas of Consciousness which produces purpose-driven videos, podcasts, and books which help us all to ‘see ourselves and our world in a new way.’

It aims to share 'a vision for a new harmonious world through ground-breaking story-telling.'

The company believes that the solution to our world’s largest issues (poverty, climate change, etc.), all start from within, so we can help transform our outer world by first transforming our inner world.

I have made videos for companies such as Down Syndrome Australia, the United Nations, as well as for Conscious and New Movement Leaders, with one of her videos being viewed over 60,000 times.

The Atlas was a Semi-Finalist in the Regional Pitchfest of 2019.

My cinematography for artists such as Rufus du Sol, Vera Blue, and Baker Boy have won her Gold and Silver at the ACS awards and an Aria Nomination in 2019.

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